Glengall Wharf Garden

Mein Kopf ist gefüllt von visuellen Eindrücken und den vielen Gesprächen aber ich möchte diesen Community Garten nicht nicht gesehen haben. Die Hitze wird unerträglich


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The garden is a new project that is reclaiming an unkempt part of Burgess Park. Since 2012 we have been developing a large community garden that shows the use of a wide variety of different sustainable gardening methods, all managed by local people.
We grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables, using permaculture techniques to develop an edible forest garden. A pond, pergola, hot composting, natural bee-keeping, hügelkultur, a polytunnel and more can be seen either completed or in development.
The site is on an old wharf of the Surrey Canal and the old cobbles are still in evidence.
A lively, diverse and busy project, we are an ‘ideas hub’ for alternative gardening and sustainability. The garden is a Permaculture Association Land Centre, so a great place to find out more about this type of ecological design.
Capital Growth garden: 764 // Volunteers: the locals //