Ravenscourt Park Glasshouses

es tut unglaublich gut in diesem wunderbaren Park unter riesigen Bäumen zu schlendern und sich einigermassen abzukühlen

Wir haben den Garten fast nicht gefunden, der Ravenscourt Park ist mit seinen verschiedenen Räumen und Anlagen verwinkelt und man verliert sich leicht, ein toller Park für alle Generationen

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Situated in Ravenscourt Park next to the café, the glasshouses were formerly used by the local authority and fell into disrepair. Hammersmith Community Gardens Association took over the management of the two large glasshouses and walled garden and have brought the garden back to life.
The display glasshouse showcases fruit, vegetable and flower growing, with an emphasis on unusual varieties. These are very popular with our school groups who regularly visit the site.
Our Shelf Life project is extremely popular with children and adults, as it shows plants growing in food containers – for example, chickpea plants in a humous tub, tomatoes in a ketchup bottle and potatoes in a crisp packet.
The second greenhouse is a nursery, used by volunteers to raise seedlings and cuttings for the site and other local community gardens.
The beautiful walled garden includes a medicinal herb border and vegetable plots, as well as grass and benches for picnics.
Capital Growth garden: 2153 // http://www.opensquares.org/detail/Ravenscourt.html

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